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I help people in life transitions or stressful jobs come back home to a more deeply rooted foundation of themselves so they can make better decisions in the next chapter of their lives. My Embodied Clarity approach combines Qigong, Feldenkrais, coaching and other somatic practices that align the body for presence and ignite the spirit for renewed possibility.

Who I Work With

Do you no longer recognize who you have become or the life you are living?

Are you spinning your wheels, looking for answers about how to pursue a more fulfilling career and life?

Are you an attorney or other professional seeking to rediscover yourself?

Are you a corporation or law firm seeking to provide more work balance and sustainability to your employees?

The Benefits

Working together, you will stop aimlessly spinning your wheels and learn to rest on deeply rooted foundation of clarity and balance.

Gaining access to a new type of clarity and inner knowing will powerfully guide you to make good choices and take potent and sustainable action.

The result is that you’ll recognize yourself again—feeling more real, vibrant, and passionate.

My Approach

Combining techniques from Qigong and the Feldenkrais™ Method, I help you cultivate the ability to return “home” in the body so you can make choices and take action from a powerfully rooted foundation. This process helps you reduce distracting mental chatter and habitual patterns so that clarity naturally arises.

Once you learn to rest in your natural resourcefulness and let go of underlying anxiety that colors your attempts to solve your problems, we can begin more traditional Integral Coaching sessions from a place of renewed possibility and clarity.

Weekly Qigong Classes
Tuesdays 9:00-10:30am

Octagon Community Acupuncture
5623 Claremont Ave,
Oakland (at Telegraph)